The name "Żabi Dwór" has a history. Before the war, the house on Strążyska Street belonged to Captain Wagner, who received Józef Piłsudski one summer evening, and it was the chief who gave the name "Żabi Dwór" to the endless croaking of frogs nesting in the surrounding swamps.

During the Second World War, in "Żabi Dwór" there was a transfer point for Polish soldiers who were led along the Tatra routes by famous Zakopane couriers to Hungary and then to the front to France.

In 1947 there was a farmers' self-help supermarket in Żabi Dwór. Supporters of "Ognia", bored and waiting for Major Kuraś's deliberations in the "Roma" restaurant, confiscated the goods for their own needs and wrote a confirmation of confiscation of property.

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