"Bed & breakfast" is a small-scale accommodation aimed at offering the possibility of a tourist and often short-term stay with breakfast served. A bed & breakfast is located in a house or outbuilding and is run by the owners of the house in question.

With a B&B with more than seven rooms, the small scale is compromised and the accommodation becomes more like a guesthouse or hotel. A B&B with more than seven rooms is difficult to run by one or two people and will have to employ staff. Market research (2006 and 2007) shows that the turning point for small-scale living is at seven rooms. A limit of seven rooms is also very common in other European countries.

This distinguishes a B&B from a hotel or guesthouse. Bed and breakfast accommodations often have no facilities for luggage storage and departure and arrival times are more limited.

A Bed & Breakfast generally has a much more pleasant atmosphere than a hotel. An accommodation where you quickly feel at home. You will receive a warm welcome, get the best tips about the area and enjoy a breakfast that has been prepared with love.

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