This name comes from the famous Potaczek family from Podobin, owners of large areas of forest and pasture lands in the Gorce Mountains in the mid-18th century. In the Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland, published in the years 1880–1902, the hill is called Potoczkowa.

In the meridional ridge of Potaczkowa, the following hills are distinguished from north to south: Jadamczyków Groń (611 m), Groniki (715 m), Kotelnica (Potaczkowa) (746 m) and Chabówka (705 m). Potaczkowa is therefore the highest of them. The summit is located in the village of Podobin, but the slopes are also located in the villages of Olszówka, Poręba Wielka and Niedźwiedź.

In the past, Potaczkowa was virtually unknown to tourists. Meanwhile, Potaczkowa's location and especially its vast and open plateau offer sweeping views. From the top the views are partially obscured by a stand of trees, but from the trail and the Potaczkowa ridge the views cover the entire horizon.

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