Mogielica, the highest peak of the Beskid Wyspowy (1170.2 m). The upper part of the Mogielica massif is called Kopa by the locals because of its characteristic shape. In older literature, the name "Mogielnica" may be found incorrect. From the viewpoints, on the top and in the clearings, there are wide views of the Beskid Wyspowy, Beskid Sądecki, Pieniny, Gorce and the Tatra Mountains.

The vast massif of Mogielica is covered with forest. These are mainly spruce forests and Carpathian beech forests, while the upper parts are covered with stunted spruce forest. This spruce forest is the only fragment of upper montane forest in all of the Beskid Wyspowy. The large forest complex is a haven for many rare animals. Among the larger mammals there are: European badger, dormouse, European otter, red deer, roe deer, wild boar, Eurasian lynx, wolves appear periodically. Rare amphibians are the toad, alpine salamander and Carpathian salamander. Extensive research conducted since 2001 has confirmed the presence of as many as 105 species of breeding birds here, including such rare species as: the capercaillie, the lesser spotted eagle, the black grouse, the Ural owl, the Teng owl, the pygmy owl, the eagle owl, the white-backed and three-toed woodpeckers, the black grouse and the redpoll. For most of them, Mogielica is the only refuge in the entire Beskid Wyspowy.

Tourism and recreation
Mogielica has long been a tourist destination. In the chronicles of the primary school in Słopnice it is recorded that in 1934 and in other years, children with teachers celebrated the "Festival of the Forest" on the top. Mogielica belongs to the crown of the Polish mountains. The construction of a mountain hut has also been thought about for a long time. The summit of Mogielica has hosted the annual "Tourist Climb - Mogielica" every August (on the penultimate Sunday) for many years. The organizers are the municipalities in which the peak is located, namely Dobra, Słopnice, Kamienica, as well as the district office of Limanowa. It is possible to do horseback riding (a stud farm is in Chyszówki) and ski tourism. The peak's popularity has increased since the watchtower was built on it.

Hiking trails to Mogielica
You can practically reach the top of Mogielica from 4 sides:

– from the north, from the Rydz Śmigły pass , a very interesting and one of the most popular routes that leads through several glades, in good weather it is possible to see panoramas.
– also from the north along the yellow route from Tymbark and Słopnice

– from the west, along the blue trail of Jurków , it takes almost 3 hours. walk, but there are also many views, e.g. from the Cyrla clearing we pass an interesting rock formation "Zbójnicki Stół" on the way

– from the south along the green route from Słopnicka Pass or the blue route from Szczawa via Bukówka and Polana Stumorgowa

– from the west, from the Jasień side. This is a longer trip, with extremely charming touches, e.g. Polana Stumorgowa (recommended!).

The fastest way to reach the top in an hour is from Wyrębiska (parking lot above Słopnicka pass). It is a short but sharp approach. The path leads along a path that almost always runs through the forest and passes below the summit past a clearing with a papal cross.

Cycling routes around Mogielica
But not only hikers have their attractions here. Mogielica is a real paradise for cyclists, thanks to 2 routes with a length of about 30 km that go around the peak and over the Słopnicka pass. The routes, because of the picturesque forest landscape and the variety of the terrain, are a great offer for all mountain biking enthusiasts, and complete amateurs, who take their first "steps" in the mountain area and for advanced and very demanding.

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