Castle "Dunajec" in Niedzica was built in the first half of the fourteenth century by Kokosz Berzewicz, as a fortress to defend the northern border of Hungary. From then on it remained in the hands of Hungarian families until 1945 - although it was annexed to the Polish borders after World War I. The castle has been modified many times. The last owners of the castle were the Hungarian Salamon family. After World War II, the building was in a state of complete destruction. After inventory, design and executive work by the Wawel Royal Castle Restoration Management, the Ministry of Culture and Art handed over the castle in use to the Association of Art Historians in 1950. The association continues to use and maintain the building. Currently, the castle houses a museum and guest rooms. In addition to the castle, we can visit the coach house and granary.


Castle - The interiors of the upper and middle castle have been adapted for museum purposes, preserving the historic layout and character of the building. The museum was opened in 1963. The collections within the exhibition were collected related to the decoration of castle interiors, such as: a prison with a torture chamber, a Spiš zupan room, a zupan's bedroom, waiting rooms or the living quarters of the last owners of the castle - the Salamon family. The historic rooms contain objects from the archaeological works carried out in the castle and old photographs. An additional attraction of the castle are the viewing terraces from which you can admire the beauty of the surroundings.

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